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This information is used only to prepare the Hunsberger book and supplements, and for Family research. No lists are sold to any organizations.
The Hunsberger Family History -- Personal Record
Please print this form, fill in exactly as indicated and mail to:
Sylvia Hunsberger, Historian, 211 Cedar Ave., Holmes, PA 19043

Number (leave blank if unknown or none has been assigned)

1. Full Birth Name

2. Place of Birth

3. Date of Birth

4. Schooling, Training


5. Occupation, Military Service and Organizations




6. Address

7. Previous Residence (or residences)

8. Death Date

9. Burial Place

10. Full Birth Name of Spouse

11. Birthplace of Spouse

12. Birthdate of Spouse

13. Spouse's Occupation

14. Marriage Date

15. Spouse's Mother's Birth Name before Marriage

Birth Names, Birthdates and Exact Mailing Address (or Date of Death & Place Buried)

16. Children





17. Brother or Sister




Note -- The following information is needed to identify the correct family line -- please do not omit this! Remember to provide full names and birth dates.

18. Father

19. Mother

20. Father's Father

21. Father's Mother

22. Mother's Father

23. Mother's Mother